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ABC Ricami supports the customer in the realization of his requests


ABC Ricami supports the customer in the realization of his requests

Thanks to a highly qualified staff, it transforms the idea into embroidery: technical skills, acquired over time, allow the company to be always updated with the fashions and trends of the moment, proposing avant-garde solutions.

ABC Ricami creations are intended for fashion, wedding dresses, leather goods, footwear, furnishing accessories and accessories.


ABC Ricami’s Style Office is the engine of the company, where collections and sketches are created for brands and designers from the world of fashion and beyond.

Unique designs full of geometries, floral are applied on leather, linen, silk, jeans, lace, fur, macramé.

We produce more than 200 samples every year for always updated and original proposals.


The central element for success in the embroidery sector is not the machinery, constantly updated and avant-garde, but the people and their ability to use them to create a unique product of the highest quality.

Proof of this is punching, that activity that develops drawings of high complexity and precision, fundamental to then proceed with the embroideries.


The ABC Ricami production lines are characterized by creations that follow the fashions and trends of the seasons and often anticipate them.

Each embroidery and processing is developed for the customer’s needs (stylists, designers, fashion houses, wedding dresses, furnishings). The quality department checks the result of the processing and then delivers a unique and unmistakable product to the customer.